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More than 120 people across the valley have signed a petition telling TVA:
“No more dirty methane gas; YES to fossil fuel-free energy!”

Below is the petition and a list of the 120+ people who are demanding action along with their comments to TVA

TVA NEPA Specialist Ashley Pilakowski,

129 people have signed a petition on Action Network telling you to Tell TVA: No more dirty methane gas; YES to fossil fuel-free energy!.

Here is the petition they signed:

Tennessee Valley Authority

Ashley Pilakowski, NEPA specialist

Dear Ms. Pilakowski,  

We are at a crossroads – for our climate and our communities. Our over reliance on fossil fuels, like methane gas, and every-rising greenhouse gas emissions are inflicting mass suffering around the world, including right here in the Valley. Our energy system is driving this crisis, but it is also a key tool for responding to it and creating a just and equitable energy future for all. To preserve a livable planet and for a decent chance at limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the United States must end coal extraction by 2030 and methane gas production by 2031. That’s why the decisions TVA – our country’s largest federal utility – makes from here on out are so crucial. They will have lasting consequences for our climate, our communities, and thus our ability to ensure an affordable, safe, equitable and resilient energy future for all people.  

Right now, TVA faces a monumental decision in how to replace the generation from the Cumberland Fossil Plant. In the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS), TVA states that continued operation of the plant is a reliability risk to customers and is simply uneconomic. TVA has also made it clear that the Cumberland plant is retiring regardless of what replacement generation is selected. I therefore urge you to retire one unit at the Cumberland Plant in 2026, and the second unit shortly thereafter and work to ensure a just transition for the plant employees and the community around Cumberland City. TVA should commit to this through proper remediation and management of coal ash as well as training programs and apprenticeships to transition workers to high paying, safe, sustainable jobs.  

A just transition starts with the phasing out of fossil fuels, and investing in clean energy like solar plus storage, energy efficiency, and wind power. It is clear from the DEIS that TVA has not done its due diligence when evaluating the pros and cons of the solar plus storage alternative. For instance, TVA mistakenly states that a new methane gas plant and accompanying pipeline would be “beneficial” to the climate because the DEIS compared that option to the existing coal plant, rather than the solar plus storage option. That is a fundamental flaw in the DEIS that must be addressed. Since TVA has already committed to retiring the Cumberland coal plant, the DEIS should compare gas with solar. Far from being “beneficial” for the climate, the Combined Cycle gas plant with a new pipeline is actually the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting alternative.  

Rather than waiting for and responding to the results of mandated environmental reviews and public input under the National Environmental Policy Act, TVA has already set the process in motion to get permits and easements for pipeline routes s under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a potential gas plant that has not yet been chosen as the final option. TVA has not done any preliminary work to advance the replacement of coal with

solar and storage while moving through the environmental review process. This sequencing and TVA leadership’s preference for one alternative before the NEPA process has concluded is very concerning given and does not allow for a fair and transparent process. TVA should give the same treatment to the solar plus storage options as it has already done with gas.  

To rectify this, TVA could still issue a request for proposals for better-sited solar and storage projects to meet requirements for Alternative C, as has already been done for Alternative A. Simply put, TVA does not need more gas to integrate renewables.TVA already has a large hydro fleet which could be used to integrate variable renewable assets like solar and wind. Further, TVA should look to develop solar projects on already disturbed land, thereby minimizing community, wildlife, and environmental impacts.

Another flaw in the DEIS for Cumberland lies with claims that any replacement for Cumberland must be capable of meeting peak capacity year round, and serve large energy needs. That being said, recent trends suggest the plant generates roughly twice as much in summer months as in winter months, which happens to be very similar to solar generation shapes in the region. This is yet another reason solar and storage should be more seriously considered as a replacement at Cumberland, not to mention distributed or rooftop solar that was dismissed as an option early on because of assumed additional costs.  

TVA asserts that a significant downside to the solar alternative is land use constraints. However, this concern is only pertinent because TVA failed to examine distributed energy resources, like rooftop solar, demand response, and energy efficiency as additional alternatives. Distributed renewable energy offers many benefits, from reducing carbon emissions and decreased land use, to energy affordability and even reduced demand for large-scale energy projects that are expensive, polluting, and more environmentally damaging. I therefore urge TVA to comprehensively consider additional alternatives like distributed energy and increased investment in energy efficiency.  

In conclusion, I urge TVA to invest in the clean, affordable solar energy the Valley and the U.S. needs to begin the just transition away from polluting fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable and independent energy future.  


You can view each petition signer and the comments they left you below.

Thank you,

Clean Up TVA Coalition

1. Adam Mills (ZIP code: 28801)

2. Adrienne Frey (ZIP code: 37069)

3. Aftyn Behn (ZIP code: 37206)

4. Alex Murillo (ZIP code: 37214)

5. Allen Grayson (ZIP code: 29615)

6. J. A. Perry (ZIP code: 28801)

7. Amara Sok (ZIP code: 38134)

8. Amy Rawe (ZIP code: 37919)

9. Annie . (ZIP code: 38104)

10. Dee Davidson (ZIP code: 37849)

11. Harold Duck Waddle (ZIP code: 37830)

12. B. Robinson (ZIP code: 30263)

13. Tonda Bailey (ZIP code: 37931)

14. Raymond Lampe (ZIP code: 30033-5109)

15. Eric Robinson (ZIP code: 38104)

16. Brady Watson (ZIP code: 37920)

17. Thomas Burns (ZIP code: 37830)

Replace fossil fuel with renewable energy sources. 18. Betty Anderson (ZIP code: 42103)

19. Candice Durman (ZIP code: 37760)

Please protect our children’s future and the future of life on earth. 20. Barbara Burton (ZIP code: 38111)

21. Charles Cohen (ZIP code: 35806)

22. Carol Montgomery (ZIP code: 37934)

23. Chris Dacus (ZIP code: 37020)

24. Chet Hunt (ZIP code: 37922)

Stop using carbon emitting fuels. Lead us to a clean renewable energy future. The technology is here already.

25. Catherine Pipe (ZIP code: 38016)

26. Crys Zinkiewicz (ZIP code: 37205)

Lead the way into a positive and healthy future with renewable energy.

27. Chris Berg (ZIP code: 28731-9532)

28. Deborah Brawner (ZIP code: 37211)

29. Debra Dunson (ZIP code: 37174)

I am a scientist and a consumer of TVA power in Tennessee. I have reviewed TVA’s current plan for expanding power production capacity. I applaud TVA for the upcoming planned retirement of coal fired plants: Cumberland Fossil and Bull Run. I am writing to support replacement of part of the retired fossil generation with clean energy producing solar, wind and battery storage options. In order to achieve the net-zero carbon objective and prevent irreversible climate damage from fossil combustion, TVA must step up to building clean energy infrastructure. It must start now. 1. Fossil fuels, including natural gas, are causing worldwide climate destruction. It is imperative that TVA begin mitigating the climate crisis by building facilities for clean power generation. 2. Smog from fossil fuel combustion is a leading cause of respiratory damage in Tennessee. The EPA states that: “Burning fossil fuels at power plants creates emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury (Hg), and other pollutants.” (Feb 15, 2022” EPA website).  

TVA must protect the health of our planet and our people by abandoning the plans for building natural gas-powered plants and opting for Solar Energy.

I personally suffer from the smog generated by fossil fuel combustion. Smog aggravates my sinusitis that I acquired serving my country in the United States Navy. Since moving to Middle Tennessee, the poor air quality has had a negative and lasting effect on my respiratory health and on my outdoor exercise programs.

We Tennesseans do NOT want to be saddled with natural gas-powered plants that will become increasingly more expensive to operate than clean energy facilities, which will overtake the market share in utilities within this decade. We will be overcharged for our power compared to folks residing in other states where clean power is supplied to residences and businesses.

Economically, relying on fossil fuels like natural gas is a lose-lose situation. Analysis by the Sierra Club revealed that clean energy is cheaper. I quote from their report: “The Cumberland Replacement proposed combined cycle gas plant is more expensive than a clean energy portfolio (CEP) that provides the same energy, peak capacity, and ramping services to TVA’s system”.  

I am a customer of TVA-generated power and I want energy efficiency, lower rates, and non-polluting power sources.

30. Deb O’Dell (ZIP code: 37922)

Please be a leader for renewable energy, to make up for all the greenhouse gas emissions that

Tennessee has put in the atmosphere for decades. The next generation is depending on organizations like TVA to make a difference to help mitigate climate change and reduce the risk to humans around the world.

31. Doug Carlson (ZIP code: 37419)

32. Denise Galben (ZIP code: 37042)

33. Delores Coe (ZIP code: 30067)

34. Donna Gurecki (ZIP code: 37830)

35. Dot Sulock (ZIP code: 28804)

36. Evelyn Coltman (ZIP code: 28786)

37. Cherie Martinez (ZIP code: 37405)

38. Clifton Foy (ZIP code: 37064)

39. Frank Warmath (ZIP code: 38343)

Solar .+ Wind + Battery storage are more cost effective than fossil fuels ( leaking gas wells and fracking ) because of three items: + wind are free and Have No Input ( fuel ) costs and no “ fuel / well leaks of CH4 or CO 2 ! 2. Solar and Wind have No output liability like above fuel leaks ( eg. 2500 sq mile methane cloud over NM ) and fuel burning emmissions.

3. Battery storage gets cheaper as it scales

40. rich parks (ZIP code: 38111)

41. Gordon Burghardt (ZIP code: 37920-4797)

It is important that TVA lead the way in removing dependence on ALL fossil fuels, as well as nuclear. The science is clear. Your obligations are clear.

42. Gary Bulmer (ZIP code: 37922)

43. Helen de Haven (ZIP code: 37914)

In making its preliminary decision to build a large gas plant and pipeline, TVA has submitted an entirely inadequate full cost and environmental analysis, which is required by law under NEPA. TVA has already dumped 150 million tons of coal ash onto the land and into the rivers around the Kingston Coal Plant, resulting in extensive environmental damage. We can’t afford more risky and expensive fossil fuel investments or more environmental or human harm. The country is moving rapidly to renewable energy to confront the climate crisis, and TVA should be a leader in a just transition to clean energy instead of a disgrace to its own history.

44. Hunter Oppenheimer (ZIP code: 38104)

45. Nadine Robinson (ZIP code: 37914)


46. Isabelle Musmanno (ZIP code: 37011)

Clean energy = healthy future, more jobs, and economic security.

47. Lecil McGlocklin (ZIP code: 37618)


48. John Atkins (ZIP code: 37814)

There may come a day when climate change becomes so severe, that TVA must enlist the power contributions of all customers to meet the power demand. Re-invigotating distributed solar would be the only way to do that sufficiently. But they must have the solar activated to do that. Why not start now?

49. Jeffrey Henson (ZIP code: 37918)

50. Jesse Gore (ZIP code: 37206)

51. Gerald Gonyea (ZIP code: 37073)

52. Jacqueline Knable (ZIP code: 28791-2992)

53. Jim Loveland (ZIP code: 33707)

54. Joel Cantu (ZIP code: 46818)

Please help modernize America and make us energy independent!

55. John Warmath (ZIP code: 37203)

56. John Noel (ZIP code: 37215)

The climate crisis needs clean energy !

57. John Nolen (ZIP code: 37772)

Please stop turning a blind eye to progress. TN needs to be the first in something rather than the follower. Stop spending money on old-date technology. Even your children want to progress in technology.

58. James Thoman (ZIP code: 37076)

59. Kate Norskog (ZIP code: 37206)

60. Kate Ruland (ZIP code: 30572)

Try liquid gas from Manure

61. Kathy Garcia (ZIP code: 30093)

62. Kathy Woehler (ZIP code: 37211)

63. Kate Rattner (ZIP code: 37206)

64. Brenda Gamache (ZIP code: 37865)

65. Kenneth Jobe (ZIP code: 37219)

It is time for TVA to be a community citizen again, as it was in the 40’s.

66. Kathryn Heniff (ZIP code: 38138)

67. Karen Stuart (ZIP code: 38104)

You are in a position to make a big difference to climate change. Be a hero!

68. Kevin Vaught (ZIP code: 37013-1842)

69. Kent Minault (ZIP code: 37917)

70. Ken Sleeper (ZIP code: 38665)

71. Kurt Shepherd (ZIP code: 37220)

72. Stephen Verran (ZIP code: 37830)

73. LARRY WENGER (ZIP code: 37311)

74. Nathan Leftenant (ZIP code: 38109)

The people are at their financial limit, history will show the disregard for sane energy policies for profit, In the long run energy in a civilized nation should be Safety first Always

75. charlotte laughon (ZIP code: 30548)

76. Linda Guthrie (ZIP code: 30306)

77. Lynn Manzione (ZIP code: 30607)

78. Lynn Sherman (ZIP code: 37212)

79. Lynn Hardwick (ZIP code: 30354-0309)

80. Magdalena Lewis (ZIP code: 80218)

81. Margot Brennan (ZIP code: 30060)

82. Marissa Williford (ZIP code: 30680)

83. Mary Goodkind (ZIP code: 28803)

It’s time to come out of the dinosaur age and transition to cheaper, cleaner energy sources. 84. Michael Bernard (ZIP code: 37215)

85. JoAnn McIntosh (ZIP code: 37043)

86. Michael Abrams (ZIP code: 37922)

87. Marc Langweiler (ZIP code: 28806)

I urge TVA to invest in the clean, affordable solar energy the Valley and the U.S. needs to begin the just transition away from polluting fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable and independent energy future.

88. Marco Pardi (ZIP code: 30043-4095)

89. Nancy Muse (ZIP code: 35633)

The ratepayers are going to be strapped with bearing the rising cost of natural gas as the investment in gasification requires Asian astronomical investment as well as detrimental casts to public health and negative effects in climate shift and other environmental concerns such as those caused by fracking. The technology is here NOW to make use of all

Sources of renewables including WIND which must be added back in the mix! Instead of taking us forward the CURRENT TVA BOARD is taking us backwards, pandering to BIG FOSSIL. We need the transition to a renewable energy economy NOW— the time is HERE. No “transition fuels”— renewables and storage NOW.

90. Chuck Hamilton (ZIP code: 37411-4293)

91. Norma Morrison (ZIP code: 37687)

92. Nancy Neilsen (ZIP code: 37803)

I understand we cannot rely solely on renewable resources for our power needs. I also understand that faced with the hard facts facing us that difficult decisions need to be made now. Short term gains (profits) are not in the planet’s best interest and I hope you make decisions with that in mind. We must do much more now for a sustainable future down the road.

93. Susan Pedigo (ZIP code: 38655)

I am in strong support of the action network’s statement. I have also submitted a separate statement to the DEIS CUF portal.

94. Robin Peeler (ZIP code: 37918)

Our future must include solar plus storage. Please be the leaders we need to make this happen. 95. Carolyn Powell (ZIP code: 37724)

96. Preeti Jaggi (ZIP code: 30030)

97. Cleveland Wheeler (ZIP code: 37379)

98. Ralph Plumlee (ZIP code: 38053)

99. Reid Foust (ZIP code: 37914)

100. Jeremy Winnett (ZIP code: 37072)

TVA led the way in bringing electrification to the South.

It should be leading the way making strides and investment in clean energy in the South.  The sources for methane are dirty supply lines and have negative impact across the board. We must care for our land so that it will continue caring for us.

101. Sarah Rowe (ZIP code: 37215)

102. Ronald Whitmore (ZIP code: 42122)

103. Sara Oaks (ZIP code: 38018)

No more methane gas!! We want fossil fuel-free energy!

104. Sandra Kurtz (ZIP code: 37408)

105. Sandra McDowell (ZIP code: 37138)

106. SUZANNE Senn-Burke (ZIP code: 37931)

What sense does it make to move to another fossil fuel when we know that systems will eventually need to convert again into carbon free energy sources in order to save the planet. We must do long range planning and not easy stop fap measures,

107. Sheldon Yeatts (ZIP code: 37917)

108. Saleen Wallace (ZIP code: 37072)

109. Sally Spelbring (ZIP code: 30044)

110. Ann Strange (ZIP code: 37920)

Cumberland County has plenty of solar energy. You just need to tap it.

111. sudeep ghantasala (ZIP code: 37135)

112. Susan Hathcock (ZIP code: 37771)

113. Stephen Ziehr (ZIP code: 37211)

We should focus on energies that are not part of the carbon cycle. When we use energy from oil or gas we open the valley up to price shocks when the carbon energy market swings violently with global crisis. TVA should set forth to avoid this energy sources when ever possible to ensure rate payers are the most protected from carbon based energy market movements. This should include the use of all non carbon energy including more nuclear power even if the upfront costs are high as the long term stability of price will reap rewards for the valley

114. Richard Thomas (ZIP code: 28768)

NO dirty methane gas! The TVA needs to switch to renewable energy/fossil fuel-free energy. 115. Norbert Mietus (ZIP code: 30577)

116. Freddie Sykes (ZIP code: 37178)

117. Victoria Workman (ZIP code: 37918)

118. Yolanda Whyte (ZIP code: 30358)

119. William Franks (ZIP code: 37205)

120. Wilhelm Tomaschik (ZIP code: 30360)

121. Linda Inness (ZIP code: 37846)