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Press Release: Tennessee Valley Authority CEO Wants Another Gas Plant After Fossil Fuel Failures During Winter Storm: Read our Press Release

Letter to TVA Board: Tennessee Valley Authority Must Reconsider Proposed Alternative to Cumberland Fossil Plant: Read the Letter

Press Release: Senate Confirms New Board Members to Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors: Read our Press Release

Press Release: Clean Up TVA Coalition and National Environmental Groups Urge Senate to Confirm TVA Board Nominees Ahead of Congressional Close”: Read our Press Release

Letter to Majority Leader Schumer: TVA Board Nominations: National & Regional Orgs Request Immediate Confirmation of All 6 TVA Board nominations: Read the Letter

Press Release on US Inflation Reduction Act: Tennessee Valley Authority Urged to Take Advantage of New Tax Credits From Clean Energy Bill”: Read our Press Release

More than 120 people across the valley have signed a petition telling TVA: “No more dirty methane gas; YES to fossil fuel-free energy!”: Read the petition, signatures, and personal comments

Coalition Comment on TVA’s Cumberland Fossil Plant: Read our Comment!
Comments for the Cumberland Fossil Plant Draft Environmental Impact Statement Concerning the Urgent Need for TVA To Retire Its Fossil Fuel Operations and Advance a Just Transition to Clean, Renewable Energy

Press Release on TVA’s Environmental Impact Statement regarding the Cumberland Fossil Plant: Press Release re: Cumberland Fossil Plant

Clean Up TVA Launch Press Release: Clean Up TVA Launch: Press Release

TVA in the News

New York Times: Tennessee Valley Authority Chooses Gas, Undermining Biden’s Climate Goals

President Biden wants electricity generated from wind, solar and other clean sources. The Tennessee Valley Authority plans to invest in fossil fuels instead.

The New Republic: One Unexpected Way for Biden to Help the Climate and Rural America at the Same Time

The president has the power to reform the wayward Tennessee Valley Authority. It’s a bigger deal than you think.

The New Republic: This Federally Owned Public Utility Company Is Run by a Former Fossil Fuel Executive Who Makes $10 Million 

The Tennessee Valley Authority could be leading the country toward renewables. Instead, it gets huge chunks of its power generation from coal and methane.

Tennessee Lookout: Kinder Morgan, TVA expanding gas pipeline across Dickson County

Neighbors remember when gas lines ruptured and exploded in 1992. They fear a recurrence.

Hellbender Press: 100 citizens attend ‘People’s Hearing’ on TVA and demand more accountability, transparency

Attendees raise concerns about coal ash; call for more clean energy, transparency and public engagement from TVA

Southern Environmental Law Center: Clean Energy Advocates Call on TVA to Halt Its Plans for New Gas, Align with Federal Goals

Clean energy groups, in public comments submitted on March 13, are calling on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to halt its plans for a massive build-out of gas-fired power plants that are inconsistent with President Biden’s call for net zero emissions in the power sector by 2035. The Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of Sierra Club, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and Energy Alabama, argue that new gas is costly, adds significant risk to customers and that TVA failed to analyze any alternatives such as energy efficiency or renewable energy should it need new capacity.

Center for Biological Diversity: Documents: TVA Used $3M in Ratepayer Money to Fund Anti-Clean Energy Efforts

Four nonprofit organizations called today for a federal investigation of newly uncovered records showing that the Tennessee Valley Authority used $3 million of ratepayer money to fund litigation and lobbying efforts by organizations that fight the EPA’s Clean Air Act rules. TVA is the largest public energy provider in the United States.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: TVA’s Response to Congressional Oversight Inquiry is Inadequate and Misleading

TVA’s response to the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s oversight inquiry includes many outdated, misleading, and incomplete claims. We break down what is fact and what is fiction.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: TVA Lost Its Way on Energy Efficiency, Now It’s Dragging Southeast Down and Pushing Customer Bills Up

TVA was once a symbol of progress, but in recent years has gutted its energy efficiency offerings. Instead of holding the Southeast back, it’s time TVA embraced a bold new vision for decarbonization and job creation.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: SACE’s Fourth Annual “Energy Efficiency in the Southeast” Report: Efficiency Key to Decarbonization

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, efficiency performance in the Southeast fell substantially in 2020. Utility commitments to decarbonize will fall short without substantially more energy efficiency and clear plans to eliminate fossil fuel generation.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: Report: Achieving 100% Clean Electricity in the Southeast 

SACE analysis demonstrates that achieving 100% clean electricity by 2035 in the Southeast is possible. We have options, and the time to start is now.