Our Coalition Members

Our Coalition is only as strong as the groups and members that it is comprised of.
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Appalachian Voices

Center for Biological Diversity

Energy Alabama

Knoxville DSA

“People are fed up with TVA bowing to the fossil fuel industry and slow-walking renewable energy, so we’re pulling together to hold TVA’s feet to the fire. TVA officials have been ignoring the climate emergency and raking in huge profits, even as its customers face skyrocketing utility bills and one climate catastrophe after another. Tennessee Valley communities want leaders who are committed to 100% renewable, affordable energy in this decade and who will move swiftly to make that happen.”

– Gaby Sarri-Tobar, energy justice campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity

Memphis NAACP

One Knox Legacy Coalition

Sierra Club

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Sowing Justice

Statewide Organizing For Community eMpowerment

Sunrise Movement National Organization

Sunrise Movement Knoxville

Sunrise Movement Nashville

Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light

The Climate Reality Project
TN State Coalition