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Join us on the frontline, starting with Rally for the Valley!

Come to the Clean Up TVA Tour to stop toxic gas plants!

Clean Up TVA Tour art. A strong woman with a megaphone yelling and protesting at the TVA plant.

Is your community caught in the middle of TVA’s gas buildout? Have you had enough of CEO Lyash and TVA leaders delaying the transition to low-cost, clean power?  Therefore, the Clean Up TVA Tour is here to stop the problem!

All across TVA’s 7-state region, the Clean Up TVA Tour is fighting TVA’s plans to burden communities with dangerous and toxic gas plants. Beginning with Rally for the Valley! During this tour, you will:

Hear about the energy future people want – free of gas and coal!

Take action to support the transition to clean energy

Join the TVA’s energy planning processes.

Mobilize your community and networks in support of a Clean TVA that Leads the Way! 

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The Clean Up TVA Tour is uniting people to build a fossil free future. Starting with Rally for the Valley!

Because of TVA is building more gas plants than any other utility this decade, these toxic gas plants dirty our air and water, they are making our utility bills more expensive, warm the planet and fuel extreme weather. 
Therefore, by stopping TVA’s gas buildout we can build the safe, low-cost, and clean energy future we all deserve!

 Fossil-fueled extreme weather leaves us without power. However, clean energy like solar can keep the lights on, without polluting our air and water. 

The Kingston coal plant was the site of the largest industrial spill in US history. Instead of cleaning up its act, TVA wants to burden communities with a dirty gas plant and 122-mile pipeline. So we’re demanding they pass on gas and build clean energy that’s safe for families and the environment.

Furthermore, through storytelling, community meetings, and rallies, we’re joining forces to stop pipelines, building people power, and demanding TVA leaders deliver a clean TVA that leads the way!

Find out where the Clean Up TVA Tour is headed next!

Rally for the Valley | Nashville, TN | May 8th

Ahead of TVA’s board meeting, communities from all across Tennessee are rallying in Nashville to demand TVA clean up its act, stop building gas, and lead the way to a fossil free future. And we need everyone there! Join us and frontline leaders who will share stories of how their community is being harmed by TVA’s gas buildout, followed by a concert from local musicians. Test

RSVP for the rally here

Tri-County Preservation Group | Charlotte, TN | May 18th

Join the Tri-County Preservation Group for an informational afternoon about the proposed Cumberland gas plant and pipeline. This event is taking place Saturday, May 18th at noon CT at the Promise Land Heritage Association, 707 Promise Land Rd, Charlotte, TN 37036.

SAGE TN Movie Screening | Nashville, TN | May 20th

Join SAGE TN and Sunrise Nashville for a film screening of “King Coal” at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville, TN on Thursday, May 30th at 7pm CT. Stick around after for a panel discussion on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s methane gas buildout and how it will affect TN communities. 

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