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Why we’re Organizing

The climate emergency demands immediate action from electric utilities to cut carbon emissions and transition to a renewable and just energy future. 

Right now, households in the TVA footprint- especially Black, Brown, and low-wealth communities – are disproportionately burdened by high utility bills and dirty energy.

TVA’s heavy reliance on fossil fuel energy only aggravates this energy crisis

Kid’s Palace Playground
Just Outside TVA’s Bull Run Fossil Fuel Plant

Now is the time.

TVA plans to continue generating millions of tons of carbon well past President Biden’s goal of a zero emission electricity sector by 2035. 

Our communities want TVA to take climate action – the majority of southern voters are concerned about the impacts of climate change. 

It’s Time to Transform TVA

Our Theory of Change

By engaging and mobilizing our communities and targeting decision makers we will build the people power and political will to propel TVA to a just transition to 100% fossil fuel-free energy by 2035

TVA has a legacy of tackling the crises of our time. It was founded to uplift a region battered by the Great Depression. And just decades ago, under the leadership of Dave Freeman, TVA responded to people’s needs and desires by leading the way with home efficiency retrofit programs and transitioning to clean energy. 

Now, the Tennessee Valley, and our country, is confronting an even more dire situation – the climate emergency and growing energy injustice

Rather than being part of the problem, TVA can turn things around. It’s time for TVA to take climate action and ditch polluting fossil fuels. TVA can and should lead the way for the just transition to a resilient and renewable energy future by  reinvesting in Valley communities who are on the frontlines of the climate and energy justice crises

TVA needs to put the public back in public power and listen to Valley communities who want real change.